A Drinking Water Filter System Can Reduce Water Bottle Waste in Fredericksburg, VA

Drinking Water Filter System Fredericksburg VAWant to go green? Purchasing a drinking water filter system for your home in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is an easy way to help the environment while enjoying the advantages of receiving purified water straight from your kitchen tap. Americans go through billions of plastic water bottles each year – with only 20 percent being recycled – and producing a single liter of bottled water requires three liters of untreated water. Thankfully, the water treatment professionals at RainSoft offer several models of drinking water systems to provide households like yours with refreshing, purified water without the countless plastic bottles.

RainSoft’s drinking water systems remove multiple contaminants that are commonly found in both municipally treated and private well water, such as minerals, volatile organic compounds, nitrates, and sediment. Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency creates and enforces regulations regarding permissible levels of contaminants in public drinking water, even safe levels are enough to negatively impact your water’s taste and appearance. A RainSoft drinking water system will be installed out of the way beneath your kitchen sink, and will provide an endless supply of refreshing, crisp drinking water for your Fredericksburg, VA, home with a turn of the faucet. Plus, our drinking water systems are:

  • Portable, so you won’t need to purchase another system should you decide to move
  • Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and NSF International
  • Installed by trained professionals, and come with the assurance of a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Turn to the water treatment experts at RainSoft if you’d like to nix plastic water bottles and reduce your impact on the environment by installing a drinking water filter system in your home. By contacting your authorized RainSoft dealer in Fredericksburg, VA, you can learn more about our innovative drinking water systems and whole house water treatment solutions.