A Home Fluoride Water Filter System from RainSoft Will Provide Great-Tasting Water Directly from Your Kitchen Faucet

Home Fluoride Water Filter SystemA home fluoride water filter system from RainSoft will effectively remove fluoride from your household water. While topical fluoride, such as that found in many brands of toothpaste and mouthwash, has been proven to be effective at reducing the incidence of dental cavities, the benefits of fluoride ingestion are not so clear-cut. Further, because everyone drinks different amounts of water, it is difficult to maintain the correct dosage of fluoride in this manner. As a result, there is some controversy surrounding the fluoridation of public drinking water.

If you would prefer not to ingest fluoride through your drinking water, your local authorized RainSoft dealer can provide a complimentary, in-home water analysis and, if necessary, help you choose an appropriate drinking water system from our cutting-edge selection to eliminate the fluoride from your water. We offer fine-quality reverse osmosis drinking water systems to ensure that families like yours receive the cleanest water at affordable prices.

Our Ultrefiner II Premium Drinking Water System provides multiple lines of defense to protect the drinking water you rely on. Highlights include:

  • Function – Provides high-quality water for drinking and cooking
  • Performance – Filters on a molecular level to eliminate the miniscule particles and other contaminants, including fluoride, that less sophisticated drinking water systems cannot target
  • Convenience – The design structure, mounting capabilities, sizing adjustments, filter assembly, and low-profile storage tank can fit in virtually any under-sink cabinet space
  • Reliability – Built to industry standards and backed by a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty

RainSoft drinking water systems can also be plumbed to your refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser, so you can enjoy the convenience of pristine cold water and ice at any time.

Contact a local authorized RainSoft dealer today to arrange for a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test, and to learn more about the advantages of a RainSoft home fluoride water filter system.