Get a Complimentary Home Water Test from RainSoft for Your Home in the Los Angeles, CA, Area

Home Water Test Los Angeles CAA complimentary home water test can detect impurities in the water flowing to your home in the Los Angeles, California, area. Even though your water might come from a municipal supply treated to ensure that it’s safe for you and your family to drink and bathe in, common additives such as chlorine can affect the way your water tastes and smells. Other contaminants, even naturally occurring ones, can leave residue on your sinks and counters and cause unnecessary strain on dishwashers and washing machines.

That’s why RainSoft’s slogan is “We take good water and make it better.” In fact, we’re so committed to helping you improve the water in your home in the Los Angeles, CA area that we’re willing to provide an in-home test at no cost to you and offer solutions to solve your particular water quality problems based on the test results. For example, a home water test can identify the source of water-related problems such as the following:

  • White residue on bathroom and kitchen fixtures, possibly from water-borne mineral deposits
  • Low water pressure that could stem from limescale buildup in your pipes
  • Clothes that become prematurely dingy or worn out after a few washings
  • Lingering water stains on dishes and glassware after the dishwasher rinse cycle

At RainSoft, we have developed water softeners, whole-house problem-solving water filters, and drinking water systems that are designed to improve the water in your home, no matter what problems you may be experiencing with it.

The path to better water starts with a complimentary home water test, available for your home in the Los Angeles, CA area. To get started, contact RainSoft today.