Complimentary Home Water Test Available for Homeowners in the New Castle, DE, Area

Home Water Test New Castle DEYou can get a complimentary home water test from RainSoft if you live in the New Castle, Delaware area. Before you pass this offer up, take a moment to think about all the ways you use water in your daily life – drinking, preparing meals, bathing and showering, washing clothes and cleaning your home, and more. A water test is not only your chance to find out what’s in the water your family depends on for countless uses, but it’s the first step toward enjoying the benefits of better water in your home every day.

In fact, whether you rely on a private well or public supply, a home water test that analyzes the specific elements in the water at your home in New Castle, DE, can point to ways we can improve your water quality. This is valuable information for any homeowner, but you’ll definitely want to schedule a test if you’ve been experiencing any of these problems:

  • Your tap water has an objectionable taste or smell, and you drink only bottled water.
  • Your kitchen and bathroom fixtures have a white residue.
  • You see lingering water stains on plates and glassware after the last cycle of the dishwasher.
  • Clothes and linens seem dingy and coarse after washing.
  • You’re experiencing low water pressure that might stem from limescale buildup in your pipes.

What’s more, RainSoft does testing right. We send a trained technician to your house at a convenient time to conduct the home water test in your kitchen. Then the technician will discuss the test results with you, answer your questions, and recommend water treatment options if warranted. Those options may include a water conditioner to eliminate hard water problems or a whole-house water filter to solve problems related to iron, sulfur, or other contaminants that turn up in the test. Whatever problems you are having with your water, RainSoft has the solution.

To schedule your complimentary home water test in New Castle, DE, or a neighboring community, contact RainSoft today.