What’s in Your Water? Find Out with a Home Water Test for Your Residence in Oklahoma City, OK

Home Water Test Oklahoma City OKRainSoft is offering a complimentary home water test for homeowners in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is your chance to find out the source of any issues with the water circulating through your plumbing, and what you can do about it, from a leader in the water treatment industry.

You’ll want to take advantage of this offer whether your water comes from a private well or a chemically treated public supply because, even if your water is safe to drink, it may have characteristics that are less than ideal. For example, hard water, or water that contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, can create a host of household problems. These range from lingering water stains on dishes and kitchen or bathroom fixtures to potential limescale buildup in your pipes that can affect your water pressure.

The first step in addressing such problems is a home water test conducted by a RainSoft expert in your home in the Oklahoma City, OK area. Based on those test results, the technician may recommend one or more of the following highly effective RainSoft water treatment systems:

  • Water conditioner – These systems address the negative effects of hard water, such as brittle, dingy clothes after washing and rough, tangle-prone hair after a shower.
  • Whole-house problem-solving water filters – These products can help reduce the amount of chlorine, sulfur, iron, and other unwanted elements in your water.
  • Drinking water system – This system is designed to improve the taste of your water right from the tap, which will in turn improve the taste of beverages and food prepared with that water.

If you live in the Oklahoma City, OK, area, you’re eligible for a complimentary home water test. Contact RainSoft today to schedule your test and start moving toward better water for your family.