Curious About Your Water? A Home Water Test Can End the Mystery for Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ

Home Water Test Phoenix AZA home water test that can pinpoint the source of a variety of common household water woes is available to you if you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, compliments of RainSoft.

A household name in residential water treatment systems, RainSoft believes so strongly in the importance of taking the worry out of water that our home water test is available at no cost to you. The test is conducted in your kitchen by a trained technician at your convenience. You then receive the results right there, along with recommendations for RainSoft solutions tailored to meet the specific water problems, if any, discovered in your home in Phoenix, AZ.

This complimentary home water test can provide valuable information about the water your family drinks, bathes in, and uses for rinsing fruits and vegetables, washing clothes, and more. Whether your water comes from a private well or municipal supply, it can contain additives and even naturally occurring impurities that make it less than desirable for families on the go, even if it’s considered safe for human consumption.

For example, here are a few of the common household water quality problems that RainSoft can resolve with one of our treatment systems:

  • Stubborn water stains on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Clothes that feel rough or look dingy after a few washings
  • Low water pressure that may indicate limescale buildup in your pipes
  • Water that looks murky or has a metallic taste

What’s more, you can have confidence in RainSoft because all of our treatment systems have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association. We also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which means your RainSoft system will likely be the last you will need as long as you own your home.

So why wait? Contact RainSoft today to schedule your complimentary home water test in the Phoenix, AZ area.