How a RainSoft Home Water Purification System Works

Home Water PurificationA RainSoft home water purification system provides homes with crisp, clean, delicious tasting water right from the tap. These systems are typically installed in the basement or under a kitchen sink by a professional RainSoft technician. If you are curious about how the water treatment process actually work, read on for a look at three of the main components of a home water purification system from RainSoft:

  • Pre-Filter – the water first enters the pre-filter, where many of the particles and sediment in the water are removed.
  • Membrane Cartridge – this is a semi-permeable membrane wound into a spiral to allow for a large membrane area in a compact diameter. This membrane filters on a microscopic level, reducing the inorganic solids in the water.
  • Post-Filter – this component is also referred to as the “advanced carbon block filter” as its main function is reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or potentially harmful carbon-based chemical compounds, in the water.

In addition to these components, both drinking water systems offered by RainSoft – the Hydrefiner II and the Ultrefiner II – have storage tanks, but they work slightly differently. Because the water is filtered so thoroughly, it takes a while to pass through the membrane cartridge, and thus having a reserve stored in these tanks allows for an endless supply of filtered water. The difference between the two systems’ tanks is that one stores the water after it has gone through the post filter, while the other stores the water in a larger tank after it passes through the membrane cartridge, then passes this stored water through the post-filter on-demand as the tap is turned on. It simply depends on the household’s specific needs as to which system is right for them.

To receive a complimentary in-home water test and to determine which home water purification system is best for your household, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.