CleanStart® – An Eco-Friendly Detergentless Laundry System from RainSoft

Detergentless Laundry SystemSay goodbye to laundry detergent with CleanStart®, an innovative detergentless laundry system from RainSoft that transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent. The CleanStart® system add a controlled amount of Activated Oxygen to your washing machine water. Activated Oxygen is one of nature’s most effective and strongest natural disinfecting agents.

The CleanStart® laundry system offers many benefits. It will help you conserve energy as only cold water is required, be more environmentally responsible by not dumping chemicals down the drain, and help you save money by eliminating laundry detergent expenses. RainSoft’s CleanStart® is compatible with top loaders, front loaders, and high efficiency washing machines – all makes and models. What’s not to love?