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RainSoft Home Air Purification Systems Reduce Contaminants, Combat Cold and Flu Season

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Elk Grove Village, IL January 6, 2009 — When the temperatures drop, families are forced indoors. What kind of air are you and your loved ones breathing? Unless you have a home air purification system, it could be air that is filled with harmful contaminants. When doors and windows are sealed, often to save energy, circulation decreases and the air inside a home can quickly become stagnant.

According to RainSoft, a leading manufacturer of premium air purification and water treatment systems, a whole house air purifier helps eliminate these dangers.

The AirMaster Ultra®, RainSoft’s premium purification system, reduces airborne contaminants through UV light, treats stale air that accumulates over the long winter months when your family is spending more time indoors. These whole house air treatment systems also leave your air fresh and clean, treating the entire house, not just one room.

“Air purifiers, actually sterilize or kill most contaminants. Both UV and ozone are purification methods,” says Mark Vance, RainSoft’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Vance recommends the use of a whole house air purification system whenever your heating and cooling system is turned on, generating fresher, cleaner air throughout your home. He points out that they are a great way to get fresh air to every room in your house without having to crack open a window and let all that costly heat out.

“This winter season give your family the gift of fresher, cleaner air throughout your home,” says Vance.

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