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Are you a RainSoft customer? Tell us what you think by posting a Letter to RainSoft. Share your RainSoft opinions, compliments, complaints, concerns, and experiences with the world.
Letters to RainSoft dealers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and New York can use the following links:

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RainSoft YouTube Channel

RainSoft’s YouTube Videos include:
RainSoft – Too Much Acid In Your Pipes – RainSoft commercial dramatizing how hard water can buildup residue in a home’s water pipes.

RainSoft – Bad Water Odor and Soap Scum – RainSoft commercial dramatizing the bad odors that untreated tap water can spread through the home, in addition to the difficulty of removing soap scum and stains as a result of hard water.

RainSoft – Too Much Iron in Water and Using Less Laundry Soap – RainSoft commercial that dramatizes what can happen if you have too much iron in your tap water, in addition to the benefits of using less soap with treated water.

RainSoft – Too Much Soap Residue – RainSoft commercial emphasizing how soap residue, caused by hard water, can build up in clothes and hair.

RainSoft International Convention – Phoenix, Arizona – Video highlights from the 2006 RainSoft International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

RainSoft Water Testing – See how simple it is to have a RainSoft water test performed in your home.

RainSoft AirMaster Ultra – See how RainSoft’s Airmaster Ultra air purification system purifies the air throughout the home.

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