A Water Quality Test Performed by the Experts at RainSoft Can Illuminate the Composition of Your Water

Water Quality TestA water quality test is available to homeowners on a complimentary basis from the professionals at RainSoft. Since 1953, we’ve been making good water better for our customers by providing innovative water treatment solutions to address a host of water issues. Whether you’re troubled by an unpleasant taste, objectionable odor, or soap scum buildup that clouds your glassware and clogs your plumbing system, RainSoft can identify the source of your water problems and recommend an appropriate system that will significantly improve your water – and quality of life – at home.

For example, a water quality test might indicate that your household could benefit from a:

  • Water purification system – While the water supplied by your municipality is safe to drink, you might wonder why bottled water tastes so much better. One reason is that bottling companies purify the water and then pour it directly into the bottles. Your municipality also purifies the water, but before it is delivered to your home it must first travel from the treatment center through a maze of pipes. In order to destroy any bacteria that the water encounters along the way, the municipality adds chloramines and other disinfectants. These disinfectants, though harmless, can negatively affect the taste, smell, and appearance of your household water. Once identified through a water quality test, residual disinfectants and other contaminants can be effectively removed by a RainSoft water purifier.
  • Water conditioner – Your water quality test might reveal that your water is hard, which means that it contains excessive amounts of naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium. These impurities pose no threat to your health, but they can create a variety of household problems, which are mainly related to cleaning. Hard water can also serve to curtail the useful life of water-using appliances. A water conditioning system from RainSoft will address these issues by softening, or removing the hardness minerals from, your water.

At RainSoft, we firmly believe that every homeowner should be able to use and enjoy water of the finest quality. Therefore, whichever products you choose, your RainSoft solution will be custom tailored to your household based on your family size, local water conditions, and home dimensions.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary in-home water quality test, contact an authorized RainSoft dealer today.