RainSoft Offers a Complimentary Water Hardness and Drinking Water Test in Cities Nationwide

Test Drinking WaterHaving a professional test the drinking water in your home is the only way to truly know what is in the water that your family uses on a daily basis. At RainSoft, we offer all prospective customers the opportunity to have their water quality evaluated free of charge by a trained RainSoft technician. Utilizing state-of-the-art water testing equipment, your local authorized RainSoft dealer will analyze your water for the presence of various impurities, such as iron, sulfur, chlorine, nitrates, and lead. Your RainSoft dealer will also assess the degree of your water’s hardness, a common water-quality problem caused by elevated levels of calcium and magnesium.

After a RainSoft technician has been able to test your drinking water, he or she will discuss the results with you and, if necessary, recommend products that will address any water-quality concern. For example, your household might benefit from any or all of the following:

  • Water softener – Through a process called ion exchange, water softeners make hard water soft by removing hardness minerals, improving its ability to lather with soaps, eliminating the formation of spots on dishes, and improving the performance of water-using appliances.
  • Drinking water purification system – We offer drinking water purifiers that produce crisp, clean water that is great for drinking and cooking.
  • Whole-house water filter – RainSoft has developed a variety of whole-house water filters that are designed to address specific water problems, such as low pH, sediment, rust, or chorine.

Contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today to learn more about these products and to schedule your complimentary water hardness and drinking water test.