How a Water Conditioner Can Benefit the Appliances in Your Denver, CO Home

Water Conditioner Denver COHaving a water conditioner installed in your Denver, Colorado, home can extend the life of any appliances that utilize your water supply. Water is considered “hard” if it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Over time, these minerals leave behind limescale buildup on virtually any surface the water touches. This can be detrimental for many reasons, not the least of which is that this buildup can negatively affect the performance of your water-using appliances.

A water conditioner that treats the home’s water supply can lengthen the life of appliances by converting hard water into “soft” water through ion exchange. Water is passed through the conditioner, and the mineral ions are replaced with harmless sodium or potassium ions. This way, there is no harmful accumulation of limescale in the hoses, pumps, and pipes that are found in water-dependent appliances. The appliances in your Denver home that can benefit from a water conditioner include:

  • The dishwasher
  • The washing machine
  • The ice-maker in your refrigerator
  • Your coffee maker

In addition to lasting longer, these appliances will do their jobs better when using water that has been treated by a water conditioner. Dishes will come out of the dishwasher free of water stains, clothes will feel softer after being cleaned in the washing machine, and soaps and shampoos will lather better in the shower. In fact, you may find that you need to use far less of these products in soft water to achieve the same results you did in hard water.

RainSoft has multiple water conditioning systems that may lengthen the life of your water-using appliances. To learn more about having a RainSoft water conditioner installed in your Denver, CO, home, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer to set up a complimentary in-home water test.