How a Water Conditioner Can Improve Your Bathing Experience in Your Orlando, FL Home

Water Conditioner Orlando FLWith a water conditioner installed in your Orlando, Florida, home, you can enjoy many benefits, including a more enjoyable bathing experience. Hard water can be harsh on the surfaces it comes in contact with, including your own skin. Because of this, using water that has been treated by a water conditioner can make taking a bath or shower much more pleasant in more ways than one.  For example:

  • The buildup that hard water leaves behind in showers is often referred to as soap scum, but there is actually much more than soap in this residue. There’s also magnesium and calcium that stubbornly adhere to the surface of your bath or shower. With a water conditioner in your Orlando home, you may find that cleaning the shower is much easier and does not require frequent scrubbing with harsh chemicals.
  • Soft water rinses more cleanly, and because it is not leaving behind mineral buildup on the body, many people find their skin feels smoother and softer, and their hair feels less dry and brittle.
  • When bathing in hard water, the calcium deposits join with the soap and prevent it from forming a bubbly lather. With soft water, soap lathers more and works harder, so you can use less body wash and shampoo while bathing. This means you won’t have to buy these products as often, and you can even feel better about splurging on expensive shower products if you so desire.

To learn more about how a water conditioner can provide you with soft water that makes bathing more enjoyable, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today to schedule a complimentary in-home water test in your Orlando, FL, home.