A Water Conditioner Can Benefit Your Hair and Skin When Installed in Your Jacksonville, FL Home

Water Conditioner Jacksonville FLWith a water conditioner treating the water supply for your home in Jacksonville, Florida, you can enjoy the many benefits of softened water. When water is referred to as “hard,” it means the water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that can leave deposits and limescale residue on surfaces. This includes the surfaces of your skin and hair when you take a shower.

While it is perfectly safe to wash your hair and skin with hard water, many Jacksonville homeowners have found that they prefer the feel of their hair after they have bathed in water that has been softened by a water conditioner. When hard water leaves mineral deposits on the body while bathing, skin can feel dry and flaky, and hair may be drier and have less body. Soft water can address these issues because:

  • Soap cleans more thoroughly – Soap used in soft water produces more bubbles, allowing shampoos and soaps to penetrate the hair and skin deeper than in hard water.
  • Less soap products can be used – In hard water, soaps must combat the mineral deposits in addition to cleaning your skin and hair, so more product is needed, which can further dry out the skin and hair. When utilizing a water conditioner, less product can be used while still creating a rich lather.
  • The water rinses more cleanly – Soft water rinses cleaner than hard water, so there is no residue left behind on skin and hair.

Even though there are shower products available that address bathing in hard water, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed with a water conditioner. For example, the elimination of soap scum in your tubs, and sparkling clean dishes free of water stains.

For more information about our water conditioner systems, and the many benefits they can provide to everyone living in your Jacksonville, FL, home, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer.