How a Water Conditioner Can Make Bath Time More Enjoyable in Your Milwaukee, WI, Home

Water Conditioner Milwaukee WI Many people are aware that a water conditioner installed in their Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home can prevent water stains on dishes and limescale buildup on tubs and sinks. But did you know that water conditioners can also have other benefits? Hard water can have adverse effects on people just as much as on inanimate objects.

If you have hard water in your Milwaukee home and do not have a water conditioner installed, you are bathing in water that contains calcium and magnesium ions. While water containing these minerals is overall safe to both bathe in and drink, it does leave behind a residue on your skin, which can make it feel dry and flaky after drying off. Additionally, these minerals can affect your hair, making it feel dry and look lifeless. Plus, hard water combines with the soaps and shampoos you use in the shower, preventing them from lathering completely and thus making them less effective.

When a water conditioner is installed, the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium or potassium ions. This results in water that is “soft,” and rinses more cleanly without leaving any residue on the skin or hair, leaving them feeling softer and smoother. Soft water also allows soaps and shampoos to work harder and produce a bubblier lather, so they are more effective and less product can be used.

If you would like to determine if a water conditioner is right for you, there is no company better to turn to than RainSoft. Your local authorized RainSoft dealer can perform a complimentary water test in your Milwaukee, WI, home and recommend the right water conditioner for you.