How Will a Water Conditioner Provide Better Water for Your Home in Union, NJ?

Water Conditioner Union NJ You may have heard of a water conditioner before, but you might also wonder how having one installed in your Union, New Jersey, home, can provide you with better quality water. Many water conditioning systems, like the ones from RainSoft, utilize a process known as ion exchange in order to reduce the substances that make the water hard.

Hard water is caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium. When a water conditioner is installed in your Union home, the water will first go through this system. The water passes over a bed of resin beads that contain sodium ions, and these ions replace the calcium and magnesium ions. Over time, the beads in the water conditioner become saturated with calcium and magnesium, at which point a process known as backwashing occurs. A brine is released from a tank into the compartment containing the resin beads to recharge them with sodium ions so that the process can begin again.

The reason the ion exchange that occurs in a water conditioner can address the water hardness issues you are experiencing is that sodium does not cause the adverse effects that calcium and magnesium do, such as leaving behind residue on sinks and tubs, water stains on dishes, and leaving your skin dry after a shower. Instead, the water is soft, and rinses more cleanly. This is why you will find that your dishes will look sparkling clean after washing, your tubs will be easier to clean, and your skin will feel smoother and softer after bathing.

To learn more about having a water conditioner installed in your Union, NJ, home, turn to your local authorized RainSoft dealer who can perform a complimentary in-home water test and recommend the right system for you.