Water Conditioning Systems Make Bath Time Better

Water Conditioning SystemsWhen thinking of water conditioning systems, you may only associate such products with preventing those stubborn hard mineral stains on glassware. However, a water conditioner can improve many aspects of everyday life outside the kitchen. For example, when your home is equipped with soft water, bath time is simply better.

By swapping magnesium and calcium minerals found in hard water with sodium or potassium, whole house water conditioning systems supply homeowners with an endless amount of soft water that’s better suited to cleanse skin and hair. Although not detrimental to health, hard water’s calcium minerals hinder bath products from producing a rich, thick lather and effectively cleaning, so you may not be getting the most from those expensive soaps and shampoos if your home isn’t furnished with a water conditioner system. In fact, you’re likely receiving an unwanted bonus – mineral residue. Similar to what you may find coating your faucet head and shower door, calcium deposits and soaps combine to leave an invisible film on your skin and hair that lingers after bath time is over. This pesky film may result in dry skin, hair that’s dull and lifeless in appearance, and even possible skin irritation.

While many stores sell clarifying shampoos that offer increased performance in hard water, there’s no need to allow this problem to play a role in determining your haircare routine when water conditioning systems can easily eliminate hard minerals. The simplest way to better your bath time is to choose soft water for your home. By installing a water conditioner, showers and baths will require less product to lather and clean effectively, and your skin and hair won’t be exposed to the harsh minerals that can leave buildup behind. You’ll notice the difference – hair and skin should feel silkier and healthier, and your bath fixtures and shower doors won’t don layers of dried-on mineral deposits.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of water conditioning systems, including how they can positively impact several functions throughout the home like bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and more, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer. We’ve supplied homeowners like you with effective water conditioning systems since 1953, so you can trust you’ll receive a quality water conditioner engineered to make your life simpler. Our products are assembled in the USA, have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, and are installed by qualified professionals.