Water Filtration and Purification Methods for Improving Your Drinking Water

Water Filtration and PurificationHomeowners who need to improve their drinking water have several different water filtration and purification methods at their disposal. The best method for each situation will depend on the source of the water, as well as the specific impurities it contains. For instance:

  • Drinking water that comes from a city or municipality is pre-treated to ensure that it is safe for consumption. However, it can still contain additives, minerals, and trace chemicals that most homeowners would probably prefer not to drink. Additionally, it can pick up new impurities as it travels through various pipes en route to its destination. In these situations, a home drinking water system is a wise investment. Thanks to carbon filters and other purification technologies, home drinking water systems can help minimize sulfur tastes and odors, chlorine content, leftover sediment, and other quality concerns. By installing such a system, homeowners can typically make their tap water taste better than bottled water.
  • Water that comes from a private well (as opposed to a public utility company) should be thoroughly purified before it is used for drinking, because its composition is otherwise unregulated. In this situation, homeowners may need a traditional whole house drinking water system, as well as additional problem solving filters. With this combination, homeowners will be able to remove trace fertilizers and pesticides, metals and minerals, and other impurities to end up with water that is healthy, refreshing, and completely ready to drink.

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