A Drinking Water Filtration System from RainSoft Can Help Make Good Water Even Better

water-filtration-system-300x200The installation of a RainSoft drinking water filtration system is the most effective way for your family to enjoy better-tasting water straight from the faucet. At RainSoft, we’ve been taking the worry out of water since 1953, and we have grown to become a leader in the home water treatment industry. All of our drinking water filtration systems are assembled in the United States, and are designed to provide clean, great-tasting water. We also offer multiple types of water softeners, including the EC4 water softener system, and problem-solving whole home filter systems that address issues such as iron and sulfur.

Here are just some of the benefits that a drinking water filtration system from RainSoft can provide:

  • High-quality drinking water available at the tap
  • The ability to be plumbed to your refrigerator’s ice maker and water dispenser
  • Coffees, teas, and prepared foods taste better
  • Ice cubes that are clearer, cleaner, and free of bad tastes and odors
  • Elimination of the need to buy bottled water, saving you money and reducing waste
  • And more

Of course, in addition to providing tastier drinking water, there are several other benefits to buying residential water purification systems from RainSoft. Many of our water treatment and drinking water systems are Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and/or NSF International, two highly respected organizations that test water treatment products to guarantee that they will perform as advertised. Additionally, every single water filtration system that we offer is also backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which will protect your investment for as long as you own your home. You can even bring your system with you if you move into a new home.

To schedule a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test, contact a RainSoft dealer near you. In addition to under sink water filtration systems, we also manufacture and install premium water softener systems, specialty water filters, and air filtration systems.