Water Problems that can be Solved with a Water Filtration System

Water Filtration SystemIf you have problem water, a water filtration system may be an answer for your concerns. But, in the same way that water quality can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood – and even from home to home – the water treatment systems that you’re considering can also vary. Not every system will work for every situation.

For instance, if your main problem is an overabundance of hardness minerals in your water, a water softener may be an appropriate investment. A traditional water filtration system, on the other hand, would be the correct choice if you’re looking to address atypical quality issues such as:

  • An unusual taste or odor (such as a chlorine flavor or a sulfuric smell)
  • High turbidity (a cloudy appearance that occurs when water contains a high level of impurities)
  • Metallic tastes or hues (resulting from a high iron content, or developing as the water passes through lead or copper pipes on its way to a home)
  • Nitrates (chemical compounds that are a common byproduct of fertilizer, which can seep through the soil and into a home’s water supply)
  • Chloramines (chemicals that remain in water after industrial treatment, but no longer serve a purpose after the water leaves the treatment plant)
  • A high content of barium, radium, or other unusual impurities

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above issues – or if you know that something’s not right with your water, but can’t put your finger on what it is, RainSoft can help you discover the proper solution. Since 1978, we’ve been helping homeowners solve all of their water woes – whether they need a whole house water filtration system or a different system altogether. To schedule a free water analysis, contact us today.