RainSoft Can Perform a Complimentary Water Hardness Test at Your Dallas, TX, Home

Water Hardness Test Dallas TXIf you suspect that you’re dealing with hard water at your Dallas, TX home, a water hardness test from RainSoft, can help you find out for sure. Our complimentary water testing services can pinpoint hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as other impurities that are making your water less ideal than it should be. We won’t charge a cent for the test — all you have to do is ask for it.

When we come out to your Dallas home, we’ll test your water right at your kitchen sink. We’ll have the results right on the spot, and we can help you understand exactly what they mean for your everyday water usage. For instance, water that tests out as exceptionally high in hardness minerals could be causing issues with your water-using appliances, your plumbing system, and even your hair or skin.

With the results of your water hardness test as a guide, we’ll recommend several options for improving your overall water quality. Homeowners with excessively hard water, for instance, may benefit from one of our softener systems, including:

  • The EC4 softener, which automatically softens water on demand
  • The TC Series softener, which softens water on a pre-programmed schedule

We also offer several whole-house filters and drinking water systems, which can be recommended as necessary based on the results of your test. While these systems aren’t designed to soften water, they can help address separate water quality issues, such as a chlorine tastes or strong sulfuric odors.

To get started with your complimentary water hardness test today, just give RainSoft a call. Our authorized Dallas, Texas, RainSoft dealer will make a testing appointment that works best for your busy schedule.