A Water Hardness Test Professionally Performed by RainSoft Will Clarify the Composition of the Water in Your Home in Los Angeles, CA

Water Hardness Test Los Angeles CAWith a water hardness test performed by the home water treatment experts at RainSoft, you can learn all about the quality of the water in your home in Los Angeles, CA. Armed with this knowledge, you can then make informed decisions about treatment options to ensure the highest-quality water for you and your family. Of course, the water supplied by your local water authority must be safe to consume. However, there are some unregulated substances that, though harmless, can still be major nuisances that make your water unpleasant to use. Hardness minerals are just one example. Additionally, a variety of microscopic substances can “hitch a ride” with your water as it travels from its origin to your residence. Bottom line: Without water hardness test and drinking water test from RainSoft, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s in your water, because our complimentary in-home water tests.

You might be wondering about the best way to test the water in your home. Maybe you’ve seen do-it-yourself kits, which usually consist of a package of strips that contain agents that react by changing color to indicate the presence of various contaminants. While convenient, these tests can expire before they are sold and are also easily tainted, so their results can be unreliable. Furthermore, self-test kits do not test for all possible contaminants, which can vary widely from region to region. For the most comprehensive water hardness test with the most accurate results, you can turn with confidence to your local authorized RainSoft dealer, who has the skills, experience, and tools to perform in-depth water testing, along with knowledge of the types of impurities commonly found in the Los Angeles, California, area.

Once you have results of your RainSoft drinking water and water hardness test, which your dealer will review with you in detail, you can then select water treatment products to address any issues that came to light. We offer treatment options to address a wide range of water quality challenges, such as:

  • Elevated levels of oxidation-causing iron, foul-smelling sulfur, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be removed by a whole house water filtration system
  • “Hardness” minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can be treated with a water softener to eliminate problems like soap scum buildup and calcification
  • Chlorine and other residual disinfectants, which can be effectively eliminated with a drinking water system that delivers crisp, clear, bottle-quality water

To find out what’s in your water, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today to schedule an appointment to have a water hardness and drinking water test performed at your home in Los Angeles, CA. RainSoft proudly offers water hardness test services free of charge to help educate consumers about water quality.