A Water Hardness Test is the First Step Toward Better Water in Your Nashville, TN Home

Water Hardness Test Nashville TNIf hard water is a concern in your Nashville, TN, home, RainSoft can provide a water hardness test to get you started with a solution. We’ll test your water for several different hardness minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and explain where your water falls on the hardness scale.

RainSoft’s professional water testing services are complimentary, and the results are available right away. You won’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of a DIY testing kit, and you’ll know that you’re receiving accurate results.

If your water hardness test reveals undesirably high levels of hardness ions in your water, RainSoft can help you find a solution. There are several different options for eliminating the hardness minerals from your water, such as:

  • A programmable EC4 water conditioner, which softens water automatically as the current supply is used.
  • A TC series water conditioner, which generates softened water at scheduled intervals.

If water hardness is your only water quality concern, a softener might be all that’s necessary to give you the great water that you’ve been wanting. However, if you’re experiencing other issues that aren’t related to water hardness (e.g., leftover chlorine from processing at a Nashville municipal plant), water softeners can be combined with filters and purifiers for a more comprehensive solution. We’ll be happy to test your water for an additional range of additives and impurities to get you started with a perfect solution for your home.

To schedule your water hardness test today, contact RainSoft of Nashville, TN.