Do You Need a Drinking Water Purification System?

Water Purification SystemA drinking water purification system can be a particularly good investment if you are in any way concerned about your water quality. Though it’s true the United States has one of the best supplies of drinking water in the world, sometimes, both manmade and naturally occurring threats can make our drinking water unfit for human consumption. Improperly disposed of chemicals, agricultural runoff, aging and/or improperly maintained public water systems, natural substances, and flooding are just some of the problems that can make our drinking water unsafe to consume. Despite the existence of stringent water-quality standards established by the EPA, the fact remains that drinking water in the United States is never 100 percent pure and never 100 percent safe all the time. Even water that passes EPA muster is going to have contaminants in it that can diminish your enjoyment of it and, perhaps, pose a health risk.

Think of a drinking water purification system as your family’s very own miniature water treatment facility, a device that’s designed to ensure that the water that goes into your glass is as great-tasting and contaminant-free as possible. Installing a drinking water purifier is an especially smart idea if your family gets its water from a private well. Private wells fall outside of EPA oversight and regulation, and as such, the only way to know for certain that your well water is safe to consume is to install purification technology of some kind, be it a whole-house, point-of-entry system or a point-of-use system that is attached directly to your kitchen sink plumbing.

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