Premium RainSoft Drinking Water Systems Available for Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

Water Purifying System Phoenix AZIf you’re considering adding a water purifying system to your home in Phoenix, Arizona, then look no further than the superior solutions offered by RainSoft. A worldwide leader in the home water treatment industry, we have been providing homeowners in the United States and around the planet with premium water treatment solutions since we first opened our doors in 1953. Our current home water purifying system has been refined over the years to ensure that our customers receive only the most effective and cutting-edge products.

When you first contact us, we’ll arrange for one of our technicians to visit your home and perform a test of your water supply. This test will check for a wide range of possible impurities and help us isolate what is causing the difficulties with your drinking water. Using the results of this test, our technician will then be able to tailor a water treatment solution to best suit your needs.

If the problem you have been experiencing has to do with unwanted tastes or odors in your drinking water, then our home water purifying system is likely just what you need. This advanced product installs conveniently out of sight under your kitchen sink or directly below it in your basement, and uses a three-stage filtration process to provide you with the cleanest possible drinking water. These stages include a:

  • Carbon block filter – This filter acts as the first line of defense and absorbs precipitates and large dissolved particles in your water supply.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane – This technology takes advantage of the naturally small size of water molecules to remove any contaminants larger than 10 microns, purifying your water down to the molecular level.
  • Post-filter – If any impurities remain after the first two rounds of filtration, this filter catches and removes them before the water is dispensed through your tap.

As a result of this thorough purification process, your home’s water and any meals or juices you prepare with it will taste better and be free of unpleasant odors. Furthermore, every water purifying system we offer is backed by our comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring that your new investment will be protected well into the future.

For additional information about our water purifying system, or to schedule an in-home water test, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer in Phoenix, AZ, today.

A Water Purifying System from RainSoft Can Help You Enjoy Better Tasting Water in Your Phoenix, AZ, Home