A Water Quality Test Can be the First Step to Solving Your Water Problems

Water Quality TestA water quality test can diagnose what sorts of problems are apparent in your home’s tap water, as well as determine the solution for obtaining crisp, clear water that’s ideal for any use including drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Even though municipal tap water is deemed safe to drink, it will never be 100 percent pure. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the water coming through your tap, whether it is cloudy, has a displeasing odor or taste, or leaves limescale buildup in your sinks and tubs, you could benefit from an in-home water quality analysis.

Because RainSoft has been making good water great since 1957, we are experts at providing homeowners with a comprehensive water quality test that will determine the cause of their problem water, as well as giving customized recommendations on the products that will work best for each person’s home and environment.

A RainSoft technician can determine which of the following products are best suited for your home, depending on the results of your water quality test:

  • Water Softener – hard water contains minerals that can cause limescale buildup, spots on dishes and glasses after washing, stiff clothes after laundering, and dry skin and hair after bathing. A water softener makes “hard” water “soft” through a process called ion exchange, where the hard water’s mineral ions are replaced with harmless sodium ions, producing water that rinses more cleanly, and allows soaps to work more efficiently.
  • Whole House Water Filter – when water looks cloudy or has an unpleasant odor or taste due to unwanted contaminants, RainSoft’s problem solving filters for the whole house are installed at the point of entry for water to the home, resulting in better quality water from the tap.
  • Drinking Water System – for the peace of mind that one’s family is drinking bottle quality water, our drinking water systems provide clean, fresh drinking water from the kitchen sink and/or the refrigerator’s water supply.

To schedule your complimentary in-home water quality test, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.