A Water Softener System Can Help you Say “Goodbye” to Hard Water Problems Forever

Water Softener SystemFor most families, the solution to hard water and all the annoyances that go along with it is the installation of a water softener system. Your typical water softener is an appliance that is designed to plumb directly to your home’s main water supply line. Using a process called ion exchange, the softener will remove the offending hardness minerals, generating water that noticeably improves an assortment of everyday household activities. Doing laundry, washing dishes, taking a shower – just about any activity involving water is enhanced by the installation of a water softener. Instead of having dry, itchy skin and hair, your skin and hair will be soft and smooth, and feel noticeably cleaner. Instead of being marred by ugly hard water stains, your dishes will come out of the dishwasher sparkling. Instead of being hindered by crusty limescale deposits inside of pipes and water-using appliances, your plumbing and appliances will both work more effectively and last longer.

At the heart of every water softener system that uses ion exchange is a tank that’s filled with thousands of negatively charged polystyrene beads. Water hardness ions – mainly Ca2+ and Mg2+ – cling to these beads as hard water passes through the tank. They are replaced by ions of sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+), and that is how hard water is softened. Once the polystyrene beads become totally saturated, many of today’s more advanced water softeners regenerate themselves automatically so that soft water is always available.

For more information about the technology behind water softening and the benefits of owning a water softener system, please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer.