Premium Water Softener Equipment Available from RainSoft in Fredericksburg, VA

Water Softener Fredericksburg MDIf you live in or near Fredericksburg, Virginia, and are interested in owning a whole-house water softener, then you have come to the right place, as RainSoft water softeners are the industry standard-bearers. Our water softeners have bullet-proof construction, high flow rates, and a number of impressive fail-safe features. For example, RainSoft’s EC4 Series water softener is a computer-controlled unit that softens water in real-time based on actual water usage in the home. It is our #1 selling water conditioner. We also proudly offer the TC Series water softener, which operates via an easy-to-program electronic timer.

Both of these water softeners are capable of producing an unlimited supply of luxurious softened water anywhere it is needed in your home. Using water that has been treated by a RainSoft water softener on a daily basis will enhance even the most routine activities. For example:

  • Your skin and hair will feel softer after taking a bath or shower
  • Clothes will be brighter and softer to the touch after they are laundered
  • Dishes and glasses will sparkle after they come out of the dishwasher
  • Shampoos and soaps will lather noticeably better

At RainSoft, our water softeners have undergone decades of technical refinement and real-world product testing. Whatever model you choose – the EC4 Series or the TC Series – you are guaranteed to get the very best residential water softener system money can buy. It will also be protected by RainSoft’s industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, making it the last water conditioning system you will ever need to purchase.

To learn more, contact your authorized RainSoft dealer in Fredericksburg, VA, today. In addition to water softeners, we also sell, install, and service drinking water purifiers, whole-house problem-solving filters, air purification systems, and more.