A Water Softener System from RainSoft Can Reduce the Hardness of the Water Supply in Your Los Angeles, CA, Home

Water Softener Los Angeles CAIf you’re tired of dealing with problems caused by hard water, a water softener from RainSoft may be just what you need. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, or a surrounding community, you can count on the experts at RainSoft to provide a water softening solution ideally suited to your needs. Water is considered hard when it contains high volumes of calcium and magnesium ions, which can leave spotty residue on dishes or plates, cause excessively dry skin and hair after bathing, or leave soap scum buildup around your sinks, faucets, and showers. At RainSoft, our state-of-the-art water softener products remove these calcium and magnesium minerals from the water supply by exchanging them with sodium and potassium ions. Unlike magnesium and calcium, sodium and potassium will not cause the damaging buildup and soapy residue that lead to the negative effects of hard water. Best of all, once our technicians install a RainSoft water softening system, you’ll be able to see an almost immediate change in the quality of your home’s water.

Some of the most notable benefits of a RainSoft home water softener include:

  • Your hair will have greater shine and feel softer to the touch
  • Water-using appliances and plumbing will last longer and work better
  • Clothes will wash brighter and feel softer
  • Soap will lather more easily and clean more effectively
  • And more

For more information about our whole house water softener products in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities, please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.