Purchase a Water Softener from Your Local Authorized RainSoft Dealer in Phoenix, AZ

Water Softener Phoenix AZA water softener system from RainSoft can provide an unlimited supply of clean, soft water to your home in Phoenix, Arizona. We can state this with confidence because since 1953, our team of professionals has successfully provided homeowners in North America with premium water softening and conditioning solutions. Through our decades of operation, we have continually refined our water softener products, enabling us to offer our customers the most advanced solutions on the market.

At RainSoft, our home water softener products are designed to alleviate the ill effects of hard water, including soap scum buildup, cloudy glasses, spotted silverware, and dry, itchy hair and skin. They accomplish this through a unique ion exchange technique that replaces the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness with sodium and potassium.

Best of all, RainSoft offers a variety of whole house water softeners, ensuring that we’ll have a device ideally suited to the needs of your home. Our choices include:

  • EC4 series – The EC4 softener is the standard by which all other water conditioning systems are measured. This premium water conditioner uses a built-in microprocessor that learns your water usage habits to ensure that you’ll always have access to soft water when you need it.
  • TC Series – The TC series softeners generate soft water on a predetermined timed cycle instead of on a demand-generated basis.

For additional information about the water softener products we have available in Phoenix, AZ, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today. We can also provide Phoenix homeowners with a variety of other home water treatment systems, including problem-solving filters, drinking water systems, and much more.