A Water Softener from RainSoft Will Enhance the Quality of Life for Your Family in Richmond, VA

Water Softener Richmond VAOnce it is installed, a state-of-the-art water softener from RainSoft will produce an unlimited supply of soft water that can be used throughout your home in Richmond, Virginia. Our water softeners – which are made in the USA, Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, and backed by RainSoft’s industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty – are especially adept at removing water hardness. Every model of water softener that we carry softens, conditions, and filters water to remove calcium and magnesium, which are the minerals primarily responsible for making water hard. We offer the EC4 Series, which is a fully-automated water conditioner and our #1 selling model, and the TC Series, a timer-operated water softener that is available in many different sizes and configurations.

Whatever model of whole-house water softener you decide is best for you and your family, you will reap the many benefits associated with using soft water on a daily basis. For example, soft water:

  • Makes your skin and hair feel cleaner and softer
  • Doesn’t leave an unsightly residue on glasses, dishes, and bathroom surfaces
  • Improves soap’s ability to lather
  • Results in laundered clothing that is softer to the touch
  • Prevents the buildup of mineral deposits in your plumbing and water-using appliances

The benefits of soft water can be experienced in just about every room in your home. Plus, regularly using soft water can actually help you save money. You will spend less on soap and not have to service or replace your major water-using appliances as frequently.

For more information on the benefits of soft water and on how a RainSoft water softener system can improve the quality of life for everyone in your household, contact the nearest authorized RainSoft dealer in Richmond, VA, today. We also sell, install, and service whole-house problem-solving filters, drinking water purifier systems, air purifiers, and more.