A Water Test in Your Austin, TX Home Can Reveal Impurities and Unwanted Elements

Water Test Austin TXGetting a complimentary water test from RainSoft in your Austin, Texas home can help you learn more about what’s in your water and, even more importantly, how to improve your water quality. Although you might not think about it, the nature of the water in your home can affect your daily life in several different ways. For example, water quality can affect the lifespan of some of your water-using appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine; it can affect the taste of your food; and it can even have an effect on your hair and skin. That is why your authorized RainSoft dealer in Austin would be happy to perform a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test – because we believe you should know what’s in your water without having to pay anything at all.

It’s natural for certain impurities, such as sulfur, iron, or hard minerals like calcium and magnesium, to end up in your water. While many impurities do not make your water unsafe, they can have some inconvenient effects, such as:

  • Strong-smelling water that tastes metallic and looks murky
  • Stubborn stains on dishes and shower surfaces due to mineral deposits
  • Limescale buildup that reduces the water flow of your pipes
  • Dry-feeling skin and coarser hair
  • Clothing that looks discolored or feels rough from being washed in hard water

We can help resolve the issues above, along with others, by performing a complimentary water test to identify any additives or contaminants in your water. If our water test reveals any impurities that you’d like to eliminate, the experts at RainSoft would be happy to create a plan for your home. At RainSoft, we don’t believe one size fits all solutions, which is why all of our plans are completely customized to each home. This guarantees that any recommendations we make will resolve your specific concerns and address the problems found in your water test.

If you’d like to learn more about your water and receive a complimentary water test in your Austin, TX home, contact RainSoft today.