Water Testing Can Reveal Impurities in the Water Supply of Your Home in Austin, TX

Water Testing Austin TXComplimentary water testing from RainSoft can help you discover if any impurities are present in your Austin, Texas, home’s water supply. Our comprehensive array of tests is designed to detect any and all possible contaminants that might cause detrimental effects, including foul tastes, unusual odors, and mineral buildup. Furthermore, our water testing services are completely complimentary, so finding out more about your home’s water is simple and commitment-free.

If our water testing does uncover problem contaminants in your home’s water, you can also count on RainSoft to provide you with a solution. That’s because we’re a leader in the water treatment industry, and have an array of cutting-edge systems designed to remove virtually any contaminant that may be present in your water supply. Using the results of our water testing, we will be able to recommend one or more of our many advanced water treatment systems to treat the specific contaminants found in your home’s water.

Our water treatment systems include:

  • Water softeners – Our water softeners use ion exchange to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that are responsible for the negative effects of hard water, which include soap scum buildup, water stains, and dry hair and skin.
  • Whole house water purification systems – RainSoft’s whole-house water filters remove chlorine, sulfur, iron, chloramines, and other unwanted substances from your water supply.
  • Drinking water systems – These systems use advanced carbon block filters and reverse osmosis technology to remove foul odors and tastes from your water, providing you with fresh, great-tasting water right from your kitchen faucet.

To schedule a water testing appointment at your home in Austin, TX, or to learn more about our many premium water treatment products, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.