A Complimentary Water Test by RainSoft in Your Columbus, OH Home Can Reveal Impurities and Additives

Water Test Columbus OHRainSoft is happy to offer a complimentary water test to residents of the Columbus, Ohio area to help them learn more about their water. If you’re not sure whether you could benefit from this offer, consider the many ways you use water. From drinking it, to cooking with it, to bathing in it – the water in your home is a crucial component of your everyday life. Although municipal tap water is deemed safe to use and consume, a water test from RainSoft could help you discover any undesirable elements or additives in it. These additives, along with naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium, could cause a wide array of problems, including water that tastes metallic and looks murky, leaves water stains on your dishes, and even causes your skin to feel dry and itchy.

If you think you might be experiencing the effects of contaminants in your water, consider taking advantage of RainSoft’s complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test. The process is a simple one. First, a representative from your authorized RainSoft dealer in the Columbus area visits your home at a convenient time. The representative then takes a sample from your faucet and performs the test right in your kitchen. Once completed, the representative explains the results of your water test and offers customized solutions if any additives or contaminants are found. If your water test reveals undesirable elements, you can rest assured knowing that RainSoft has a wide array of water treatment systems to fit your needs, such as:

  • Drinking water systems – These systems improve the taste of your water and can even remove fluoride from your drinking water.
  • Water softeners – If your water test reveals high levels of magnesium and calcium, we can use these systems to soften your water and help prevent the negative effects of hard water, which include limescale buildup and water stains on your dishes and bathroom fixtures.
  • Whole-house problem-solving water filters – These filters can help reduce the amount of chlorine, iron, and even sulfur in your water.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the systems listed above or want to schedule a water test to be performed by your authorized RainSoft dealer in the Columbus, OH area, contact RainSoft today.