A Complimentary Water Test Will Tell You Know Everything You Need to Know about the Water in Your Fresno, CA Home

Water Test Fresno CAA water test is the best way to learn about any unwanted additives and contaminants in the water supply of your Fresno, California home. While you may have never considered getting a water test, RainSoft believes you have the right to know what’s in your water at no cost to you.

Tap water from a city or county supply, which is typically deemed safe to use and consume, can contain certain additives and even naturally occurring minerals that may have negative effects. For instance, hard water, which is the result of high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, can cause soap scum to continuously appear on bathroom fixtures, limescale buildup that clogs pipes and reduces water pressure, dishes that are water-stained, and skin that feels dry. Hard water can also shorten the lifespan of your water-using appliances, such as your dishwasher, and put added stress on your plumbing system. Among many other things, a water test from RainSoft can help you learn whether you have hard water in your home and help you find the best solution for it. And, aside from helping you get rid of hard water with one of our industry-leading water softeners, RainSoft can also install drinking water systems to provide you with better than bottle-quality water, and whole-house problem-solving water filters to address issues like iron and sulfur in your water.

In order to know what kind of system is right for you, we first need to know about the water supply in your house, which we can find out through our water test. Getting a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test for your Fresno area home is simple:

  • First, a knowledgeable representative from your authorized RainSoft dealer visits your home at a scheduled time
  • The representative then takes a sample of water from your faucet and tests it right in your kitchen
  • Once the test is finished, the representative explains the results and answers your questions
  • If any contaminants or unwanted elements are detected by your water test, the representative informs you of the best solutions available and tells you about the RainSoft systems that can be installed to make sure you have high-quality water in your home

If you would like to take advantage of our complimentary water test and learn more about the water in your Fresno, CA area home, contact RainSoft to make an appointment today.