RainSoft Offers a Complimentary Water Test to Houston, TX Area Residents

Water Test Houston TXRainSoft can perform a complimentary water test in your Houston, Texas area home in order to help you learn more about the water you use every day. If you’ve ever noticed a strong smell and metallic taste in your water, constant soap scum on your bathroom fixtures, or frequent water stains on your dishes, you might be experiencing the effects of contaminants in your water. While municipal tap water is regulated to be safe to use and consume, it can still have elements that cause problems. A complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test from RainSoft can help you learn just what kind of additives are in your water, as well as offer solutions to ensure you have high-quality water in your home.

The first step towards getting better water in your home begins with a complimentary water test from your authorized RainSoft dealer serving the Houston region.  If you’re curious about the process of a water test, here’s what you can expect:

  • RainSoft will send a representative to visit your home during a convenient time for you
  • The representative will take a sample of water from your kitchen faucet and test it right in your home
  • Once the test is finished, the representative will explain the results and answer your questions
  • If any contaminants are found, the representative will offer solutions and tell you about specific RainSoft systems we can use to improve your water quality

When you rely on RainSoft for a water test, you can feel confident knowing we’ve been helping people like you since 1953. Our commitment to our customers and our dedication to making good water better have helped ensure that our business has succeeded and grown through the decades. In addition to our years of experience, any problem detected by our water test can be solved by our products, which have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. From drinking water systems that make your water taste better, to water conditioning systems that solve the problems of hard water, we have a wide selection of products to ensure you have the highest quality water possible in your home.

To learn more about our products or to schedule a complimentary water test in your Houston, TX home, contact RainSoft today.