Let a Water Test from RainSoft Help You Learn How to Improve the Water Quality in Your Milwaukee, WI Home

Water Test Milwaukee WIIf you haven’t gotten a water test in your Milwaukee, Wisconsin home recently, you might want to consider getting one from RainSoft. While municipal tap water is regulated by the government and deemed safe to consume, it may contain additives and contaminants that can have a wide array of negative effects. From water that causes white residue to appear on bathroom fixtures, to water that has a strong smell and metallic taste, the water in your home could be creating problems that one of RainSoft’s water treatment systems could easily solve.

In order to take advantage of our complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test, you simply have to get in touch with RainSoft and set an appointment. Once a date and time have been established, your authorized Milwaukee RainSoft dealer will send a representative to your home. The representative will draw the water of your faucet and perform the test in your kitchen. Instead of having you wait days for us to send you the results, we’ll explain the findings of your water test right then and there and answer any questions you may have. If any contaminants are found in your water, we’ll let you know the system(s) we recommend to ensure you have the best possible water in your home. The systems we manufacture and install include:

  • Whole-House Water Filters – If your water test shows that you have overly high concentrations of a specific additive or contaminant, such as chlorine or sulfur, we’ll recommend one of these filters to restore your water’s pristine state.
  • Water Softeners – These systems combat water hardness, giving you water that lathers more easily, prevents soap scum in your bathroom, and potentially extends the lifespan of water-using appliances like your dishwasher.
  • Drinking Water Systems – You won’t have to purchase bottled water again if we install one of these systems. If your water test shows undesirable elements in your water that make it unpleasant to drink or cook with, we can install a drinking water system that will eliminate more impurities than store-bought, faucet-mounted filters.

To learn more about any of the systems above or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary water test with your authorized RainSoft dealer serving the Milwaukee, WI area, contact RainSoft today.