Water Testing by RainSoft Will Help You Enjoy the Finest Quality Water in Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

Water Testing Phoenix AZWater testing performed by RainSoft in your home in Phoenix, AZ, will identify exactly what’s in the water you and your family use and depend on. Why have your water tested? Maybe you buy bottled water because you don’t care for the taste of your tap water. Perhaps you’re tired of dealing with spotty glassware and dingy laundry. Or, maybe your nose is assaulted by a rotten egg smell every time you turn the faucet. Even if your water tastes, looks, and smells fine, it could still contain a variety of impurities that are only detectable through water testing. A professional analysis conducted by RainSoft will let you know for sure what is in your water. Further, water testing will provide the information you need to make appropriate treatment choices so you and your family can enjoy the finest quality water in your home.

To accomplish this, RainSoft offers a full range of solutions designed to address any water needs that are identified through water testing. For example, we might recommend:

  • A customized, problem-solving water filtration system for your entire home that is designed to counteract specific contaminants that are present in the water supply in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, such as sulfur, iron, nitrates, or chloramines
  • A drinking water filtration system that uses the most cutting-edge water purification technologies available, including advanced carbon block filters or reverse osmosis membranes, to remove contaminants at a molecular level and deliver crisp, clean water right from your faucet
  • A whole house water conditioner designed to eliminate any hardness minerals identified through water testing, such as calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind a dull, gray film on everything from your bathroom fixtures to your skin

If you would like to learn more about complimentary in-home water testing, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer in Phoenix, AZ, today. You’ll be pleased to know that in addition to professional water testing, each authorized RainSoft dealer provides expert installation services complemented by personalized after-sale support. What’s more, our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which applies to all RainSoft products, ensures that whichever system you choose, it will be the last you ever need to buy.