Let a Water Test in Your Phoenix, AZ Home Help You Learn More About the Water You Use Every Day

Water Test Phoenix AZ

A water test is a good idea for anyone who drinks the tap water in their Phoenix, Arizona home or uses it for cooking, cleaning, or showering. Even if you have a water treatment system already installed in your home or a faucet-mounted filter, it’s still a good idea to get professional water testing done. You can rely on a water test from RainSoft, a company that’s been in business since 1953, to let you know whether your water is truly free of contaminants. It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity because water that looks clean and seems fine can still be affecting you negatively on a daily basis.

If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, a RainSoft water test in your Phoenix home could reveal whether it’s due to unwanted elements in your water:

  • Clothes look worn-out or dull after being washed
  • The water pressure in your shower is low, perhaps as a result of limescale buildup in pipes and fixtures
  • Dishes fail to look sparkling clean due to pesky water stains

The effects above could be the results of contaminants in your water. Thankfully, we have a wide array of systems that can resolve these issues and ensure you have high-quality water in your house. If your water test reveals that you have hard water, we can install a water softener system. The benefits of soft water are sure to make a difference in your daily life, from giving you soap that lathers much more easily (therefore enabling you to use less of it) to increased water pressure as a result of reduced limescale in your pipes. If your water test reveals other issues, such as a high concentration of specific chemicals or metals, we can use a whole-house filter to target and eradicate those elements.

In order to learn more about our systems or to ask us to perform an in-home water hardness and drinking water test in your Phoenix, AZ home, call RainSoft today.