Three Things that Happen When You Own a Water Softener in Your Chicago, IL Home

Water Softener Chicago ILMost people know what purpose a water softener serves – it removes the hard magnesium and calcium minerals to provide water that’s better suited for daily household use. This is especially important for residents of the Chicago, Illinois, area, since this region’s water is exceptionally hard. But, do you know in what ways a water softener can improve life in your home, exactly?

Here are three examples:

  • Your clothes can appear cleaner, brighter and feel softer. Without a water softener, a washing machine uses hard water to clean laundry, and the water’s high mineral content adversely reacts with detergent to prevent it from lathering and cleansing effectively. Instead, a slimy, soapy substance is formed that only achieves a subpar clean. Plus, the hard minerals cling to fabrics even after the rinse cycle is complete, causing clothes to appear dull and feel stiff.
  • Your hair can feel more moisturized and healthier. Just as hard water inhibits laundry detergent from effectively lathering and washing, your favorite shampoos will fail to bubble and clean properly, too. Hard water minerals will also react with shampoo to form a scummy substance, leaving behind a residue that coats and dries out hair strands. High-priced clarifying shampoos may prove somewhat effective in hard water if you choose not to install a water softener in your Chicago, IL, home, but why switch up your hair care routine when a call to a water treatment professional can resolve the problem for good?
  • Dishes can look dazzling straight out of the dishwasher. After dishes, especially glassware, are washed in hard water, they typically don a cloudy coating of dried magnesium and calcium deposits that only a good vinegar soak can remove. If you’d rather not spend your free time bathing wine glasses in vinegar, installing a water softener is a solution that will keep your dishes looking clear and pristine after every cycle.

These are only a handful of the benefits you can experience by choosing to install a water softener system in your Chicago, IL, home. Contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer to receive additional information about our whole house water treatment solutions.