Owning a Water Softener in Your New Castle, DE, Home can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Hair

Water Softener New Castle DEA water softener may not be the first solution that comes to mind when contemplating ways to remedy your dry, frazzled hair, but perhaps it should be. For residents of New Castle, Delaware, and the surrounding areas, showering with hard water can play a surprisingly major role in the onset of bad hair days.

Hard water affects hair for a number of reasons. Without a water softener to remove hardness minerals like magnesium and calcium, your go-to shampoo will fail to clean properly, since water with a high mineral content prevents cleansing products from lathering effectively and producing bubbles that penetrate the hair follicle. Instead, hard water triggers a chemical reaction with soap that produces a slimy scum that clings to hair and leaves behind residue. This residue initiates a drying effect that makes hair look dull and lifeless, and may even cause flaking since it accumulates on the scalp over time. In some cases, the residue can collect so heavily around the follicle that it prompts hair loss.

While it is perfectly safe to shower with hard water, calling a professional to install a water softener in your New Castle, DE, home is an effortless way to help your locks look and feel healthy after every wash. With a water softener, the water you use to cleanse your hair won’t contain high levels of harsh, drying minerals. Your favorite shampoo will be able to adequately lather and clean your hair, allowing for more good hair days and fewer frustrating mornings of failed styling attempts.

The water treatment professionals at RainSoft are eager to be of assistance if you’d like to end your hard water woes with a water softener. Our whole house water solutions can ensure your family’s water supply is better suited for cleansing hair, washing dishes, doing laundry, preparing meals, and so much more. Contact your authorized RainSoft dealer in New Castle, DE, to receive additional information regarding our Water Quality Association Tested and Certified products and what water softener system is best for your home.