Owning a Water Softener in St. Louis, MO, May Help Your Family Save Cash

Water Softener St. Louis MOInstalling a water softener in your home in St. Louis, Missouri, can save you more than hours of scrubbing stubborn build-up off pipes and fixtures – it can also save you cash. Here’s the hard truth: there’s a good chance that using hard water to perform household tasks like cleaning laundry, showering, and washing dishes is costing you more money than it should.

There are multiple reasons why eliminating hardness minerals from your home’s water supply with a water softener might pay for itself over time:

  • Hard water contains high levels of calcium, which can accumulate on pipes, fixtures, and water-using appliances in the form of crusty deposits. These deposits tend to damage the objects they form on, and can even cut the lifespan of pricey dishwashers and washing machines short. Clog-causing deposits may also slash the appliance’s efficiency, raising monthly utility bills. Conversely, soft water can help you avoid spending money on replacing such items.
  • Laundry detergent can cost homeowners in St. Louis, MO, a pretty penny over time. Without a water softener, though, those costs are multiplied. Hardness minerals prevent detergent from lathering and cleaning effectively, so you’ll have to use more of it to successfully clean your clothes.
  • If your home is not equipped with a water softener, you may need to splurge on pricey clarifying shampoos and liquid castile soaps that perform better in hard water to achieve a satisfactory clean. Just as it hinders laundry detergent, hard water reacts adversely with most shampoos and soaps and leaves behind a slimy film that can dry skin and leave hair looking dull and lifeless.

If you’d rather not spend your hard-earned dollars on fancy bath products, a new dishwasher, or extra detergent, contact the water treatment specialists at RainSoft. We’ve supplied families in St. Louis, MO, and beyond with whole house water solutions for decades, and can provide you with the perfect water softener system for your home.