Whole House Water Purification Systems from RainSoft – Improving Water Quality Since 1953

Whole House Water PurificationWhole house water purification systems from RainSoft can be found in countless homes throughout North America and around the globe. That’s because our company has been at the forefront of the residential water treatment industry since its founding in 1953, with an array of premium products designed to make good water better. RainSoft products undergo exhaustive third-party testing and certification, notably from NSF International and the Water Quality Association. These stamps of approval provide assurance to our customers that they are purchasing some of the finest water treatment products available. RainSoft is committed to offering state-of-the-art products that effectively address a variety of water quality issues, from cloudy drinking water to the many undesirable side effects of hard water.

While product offerings vary slightly among authorized RainSoft dealers in order to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer, a typical comprehensive RainSoft package includes a:

  • Problem-solving filter – We offer a number of filters, each designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor, and other unwanted contaminants such as iron, sulfur, VOCs, chemicals, or sediment. An authorized RainSoft dealer can determine if any of these impurities are present in your family’s water and recommend the appropriate type of filter.
  • Water softener – Our water softeners reduce limescale buildup in water-using appliances, help soaps and shampoos lather better and work harder, and put an end to unsightly water stains on dishes. An authorized RainSoft dealer can help you select a water softener that is most suitable for your house size, family size, and local water conditions.
  • Drinking water filtration system – RainSoft has developed a number of premium water purifiers capable of producing great-tasting, better than bottle-quality water right from your kitchen faucet, including the Ultrefiner II and the Hydrefiner system.

Together, a problem-solving filter, water softener, and drinking water system from RainSoft will give your family access to an unlimited amount of exceptionally clean, softened water, 365 days a year.

Contact an authorized RainSoft dealer near you for more information regarding our whole house water purification systems.