What’s In My Water?

What’s in My Water?

Basic chemistry tells us that water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, but there’s a lot more to consider when you’re talking about water for household use. For example, do you get your household water from a well? Or does your family depend on municipally treated water that comes from the ground or a reservoir, or perhaps a combination of both? The answers to these questions as well as other factors can greatly affect how suitable your water is for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and all the other routine tasks you use water for in your home.

Why the Water Source Matters

Where your water comes from has a lot to do with the impurities that may be in it. For instance, water that comes from an underground aquifer is more likely to be classified as “hard water” – meaning it contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals – than a surface water source, such as a lake. Hard water is safe to drink but can create a variety of problems in your home, including limescale buildup that can damage your plumbing.

A lake or reservoir, on the other hand, may be more likely to contain bacteria and sediment in comparison to groundwater.

No matter where your water comes from, it is bound to contain impurities. Even if your home receives water from a municipal source that has been treated to meet safe drinking water standards, your water likely contains contaminants that make it less than ideal for household use. Some of the impurities that homeowners frequently find troublesome include:

  • Residual chlorine that lingers after disinfection
  • Sulfur that causes an objectionable taste and odor
  • Iron and manganese that can stain sinks and clothing
  • Floating particles

How Can I Find Out What’s in My Water?

Your local RainSoft dealer is familiar with the water sources and water quality problems in the area where you live. Contact your RainSoft dealer today to discuss any problems you’re having with your water and to schedule a complimentary in-home water analysis by one of our water quality experts.

Why Should I Test My Water?

Why Should I Test My Water?

Health experts say homeowners who receive water from a private well should have their water tested annually to make sure it’s safe to drink. However, even if your home depends on a municipal water supply that’s treated to meet safe drinking standards, your water may contain impurities that make it less than desirable for household use. A reliable water quality analysis is required to identify problematic characteristics such as:

Water Hardness

“Hard water” is a term used to describe water that contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals, typically calcium and magnesium. While hard water is safe to drink, it can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. These include filmy stains on dishes, dingy clothes after laundering, and limescale buildup in plumbing that can eventually lead to the need for costly repairs.


This is a common disinfectant used by municipalities to treat water so that it is safe for human consumption. Once the treated water reaches your home, the disinfectant’s job is done and the chlorine is no longer needed. However, it may linger in your water at levels that cause an unpleasant taste and odor.

Low or High pH Levels

Water that is too acidic may have a metallic taste and can also cause corrosion of plumbing fixtures. Alkaline water, on the other hand, can have an unpleasant taste like baking soda.

These are only a few of the impurities that can cause water quality problems for homeowners. Water testing can also reveal the presence of contaminants like lead and volatile organic compounds that can affect the safety of your drinking water.

Complimentary Water Testing from RainSoft

Even if you think you know what’s in your water, an expert water quality analysis is necessary to determine the ideal solution to your specific water woes. For example, a water softener is the best way to address hard water, but you’ll need a water test to determine the level of hardness in your water so you can choose an effective solution.

Fortunately, RainSoft offers complimentary in-home water testing for homeowners who wish to find out precisely what’s in their water and what they can do to make it better. We’ve been helping homeowners enjoy better water since 1953, and we’re sure to have the ideal solution to meet your needs. Contact RainSoft today to schedule a water test at your home.

How Can I Test My Water?

How Can I Test My Water?

A reliable water analysis is the only way to find out what’s in your water that may be causing problems in your home. So, where do you turn for water test results you can depend on?

Some public health departments provide water testing for certain contaminants, such as lead, but these tests are typically limited to screening for contaminants that make water unsafe to drink – they won’t reveal water quality problems such as hard water. There are many do-it-yourself water testing kits on the market, but how easy are they to use and how much confidence will you have in the results?

RainSoft Offers Complimentary In-Home Water Testing

The best way to find out what’s in your water is to turn to the residential water quality experts at RainSoft. We offer in-home water testing to homeowners free of charge. When you schedule your water test, we’ll send an expert to your home to analyze the water from your kitchen tap and share the results with you, right there in your kitchen. Then your friendly RainSoft representative will recommend the best water quality solutions to address the specific problems identified in your water.

A Full Slate of Water Quality Solutions

No matter what your free RainSoft water test reveals about any contaminants in your water, we’re sure to have the ideal solution to meet your needs. Our wide assortment of water treatment systems includes:

  • Premium water conditioners to address problems caused by hard water
  • Whole-house water filters that can dramatically reduce specific chemicals and metals in your water
  • Drinking water filtration systems that can significantly improve the taste of your water and all the beverages you prepare with it

Why wait? Your complimentary in-house water test is the first step toward enjoying better water for your home. Contact RainSoft today to get started.

Whole House Water Filtration

Whole House Water Filtration Systems Provide Significant Benefits for Homeowners with Municipal or Well Water

Whole House Water FiltrationA whole house water filtration system can help to provide your home with cleaner, healthier water, whether your water comes from a municipal treatment facility or private well. This distinction is important, because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that public water supplies meet government-mandated safety standards, and takes extensive steps to ensure that the water is properly tested and treated to meet those requirements. Well water, or water from any other type of private source, however, is outside of the jurisdiction of the EPA, and it falls on the homeowner to ensure that it is safe to drink. This can be particularly troublesome for homeowners who are not aware that their water is sourced from a well, or those who are but don’t fully understand the potential risks.

In order to ensure that your home’s water is safe to use, regardless of its source, the best possible solution is to first consult with a professional for a home water test. In order to help simplify the test, you should take note of any nearby commercial, industrial, or agricultural activities that take place near your home, as all of these can contribute to the potential impurities that make it into your water. If the test does in fact uncover impurities in your water, then the easiest way to eliminate the contamination is to purchase a water filtration system for your home. You’ll want to ensure that you purchase a product that is specifically designed to remove the impurities present in your water, as well as one that is reliable enough to provide you with those results for years to come.

At RainSoft, we’ve provided homeowners with outstanding water treatment products since 1953. Our certified industry professionals will not only perform a complimentary test of your water, but will also use the results of that test to recommend a product that’s ideal for you. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that our products are the best of their kind – every water filtration system we offer has been verified to work as intended by the Water Quality Association, and we back all of our solutions with an excellent Limited Warranty.

If you’d like more information about having a premium whole house water filtration system from RainSoft installed in your home, contact us today.

Water Quality Test

A Water Quality Test Performed by the Experts at RainSoft Can Illuminate the Composition of Your Water

Water Quality TestA water quality test is available to homeowners on a complimentary basis from the professionals at RainSoft. Since 1953, we’ve been making good water better for our customers by providing innovative water treatment solutions to address a host of water issues. Whether you’re troubled by an unpleasant taste, objectionable odor, or soap scum buildup that clouds your glassware and clogs your plumbing system, RainSoft can identify the source of your water problems and recommend an appropriate system that will significantly improve your water – and quality of life – at home.

For example, a water quality test might indicate that your household could benefit from a:

  • Water purification system – While the water supplied by your municipality is safe to drink, you might wonder why bottled water tastes so much better. One reason is that bottling companies purify the water and then pour it directly into the bottles. Your municipality also purifies the water, but before it is delivered to your home it must first travel from the treatment center through a maze of pipes. In order to destroy any bacteria that the water encounters along the way, the municipality adds chloramines and other disinfectants. These disinfectants, though harmless, can negatively affect the taste, smell, and appearance of your household water. Once identified through a water quality test, residual disinfectants and other contaminants can be effectively removed by a RainSoft water purifier.
  • Water conditioner – Your water quality test might reveal that your water is hard, which means that it contains excessive amounts of naturally occurring minerals like calcium and magnesium. These impurities pose no threat to your health, but they can create a variety of household problems, which are mainly related to cleaning. Hard water can also serve to curtail the useful life of water-using appliances. A water conditioning system from RainSoft will address these issues by softening, or removing the hardness minerals from, your water.

At RainSoft, we firmly believe that every homeowner should be able to use and enjoy water of the finest quality. Therefore, whichever products you choose, your RainSoft solution will be custom tailored to your household based on your family size, local water conditions, and home dimensions.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary in-home water quality test, contact an authorized RainSoft dealer today.

Whole House Water Systems

Whole House Water Systems from RainSoft – Taking the Worry Out of Water Since 1953

Whole House Water SystemsWhole house water treatment systems from RainSoft are designed to combat a wide variety of water quality problems. These aptly named problem-solving filters offer formidable defense against the most common waterborne contaminants. The QRS Whole House Carbon Filter is specially designed to remove chlorine taste and odor – which many municipalities add to the water supply to render it biologically safe to consume. By the time the water reaches your home, however, the chlorine has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer needed. The QRS Whole House Carbon Filter will remove it, along with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals, and other contaminants.

The result? A significant increase in the quality of the water your family uses for everyday household activities, from bathing to cooking food and everything in between. We also offer filters designed to target other specific contaminants, and after performing a complementary in-home water test to identify any particular problems in your water supply, one of our authorized dealers will be able to recommend the problem-solving filter that is most suitable for your needs.

In addition to their ability to remove unwanted contaminants from your water, whole-home water filters from RainSoft:

  • Are designed and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association
  • Come backed by an industry-leading Limited Warranty

To learn more about the QRS Whole House Carbon Filter or any of our other premium whole house filter systems, contact an authorized RainSoft dealer today. Since 1953, we have made good water better throughout North America and around the globe. Be sure to ask about our other premium products too, including water conditioners, whole house water purification systems, air filtration systems, and more.

Learn About Water

Understanding Water

It may seem hard to swallow, but that tall glass of ice water you had with dinner last night also may have helped refresh a thirsty brontosaurus eons ago.

Contrary to popular belief, water is not a renewable resource. It is finite. The water you use today is literally the same water that existed on the planet billions of years ago. Nature recycles water. It doesn’t make new.

Also, as you no doubt learned in school, over two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water. But did you know that only about 2.8 percent of it is fresh water? And, more critically, did you know that only about 0.3 percent of the earth’s total water supply is usable by humans?

In the last decade of the 20th century alone, the earth’s population increased by more than one billion people. At present rates, over the next 50 to 90 years the world’s population will more than double. The demand on water supplies is growing exponentially. Clearly, understanding and using scarce water resources wisely is vital. Our very survival as a species depends on it.

Demands on Water Resources Continue to Increase

Count the ways you and your family use water. Drinking. Cooking. Bathing. Doing laundry. Housecleaning. Watering the lawn. Washing the car. Giving the dog a bath. In industrialized countries, the average family of four consumes 250 gallons of water each day.

But that’s only a small part of the water usage picture. So many of the things that we take for granted, things that make our lives easier, also depend on water—vast quantities of water

Consider that it took approximately 100,000 gallons of water to manufacture your family’s car. The newspaper that landed on your doorstep last Sunday morning soaked up 280 gallons of water just to print. And that five-pound sack of flour sitting on your kitchen shelf required 375 gallons of water to produce. In the United States, water consumption increased by more than 100 percent in the last half century. In the same period, it rose by more than 500 percent in Europe and 300 percent in Africa. Many experts predict world consumption will double by 2020.

Concerns About Water Quality

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about the water you and your family drink. A survey by the Water Quality Association found that three-quarters of Americans don’t believe their household water supply is as safe as it could be. In a recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll, 47 percent of respondents reported they won’t drink water straight from the tap.

Environmental problems have an enormous impact on water quality. Water runoff from industrial plants and farms, acid rain and other forms of pollution have tainted groundwater and surface water supplies in many areas of the world. Population growth, urban and suburban sprawl, and industrial and agricultural expansion continue to stress fresh water supplies.

Water contamination problems, epidemic in the developing world, also routinely occur in highly industrialized nations. In the last half dozen years, numerous cases have been recorded in the United States, affecting tens of millions of consumers in more than 1,000 communities.

Some of the most serious incidents have involved bacteria. A 1993 outbreak of cryptosporidium in Milwaukee affected more than 400,000 residents and caused more than 100 attributable deaths. Other virulent pathogens have also intruded into municipal water supplies with alarming frequency.

Some Answers

Today governments around the globe, on every level, are investing hundreds of billions of dollars to improve infrastructure and mandate higher water quality standards. In addition, more and more individuals are relying on modern home water treatment systems to assure an ample supply of fresh, pure water for their families at the most local of all levels—the home.

RainSoft Water Facts

Maximum Contaminant Level Goals vs. Maximum Contaminant Levels

The environment has changed a lot in the last fifty years. Manufacturing and agricultural activities, along with our growing population, add an enormous amount of potentially hazardous materials to our environment.

As a result, the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) and others have detected more than 700 different organic compounds in treated drinking-water supplies.

Water coming from public systems is tested regularly and must meet standards set by the EPA.

The first standard—the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG)—is not enforceable. MCLGs are set at zero for contaminants that are known to be probable human carcinogens. For noncarcinogens, MCLGs are set at a level that includes a margin of safety so as to prevent adverse health effects.

The second standard—the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)— is enforceable. MCLs are set as close to the MCLGs as possible, taking into account the technological and economic limitations of the public water supplier.


Contaminants Potential Health Effects MCLG (mg/L) MCL (mg/L)
  • Anemia
  • Increased risk of cancer
0 0.005
Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Liver problems
  • Immune deficiencies
0 0.005
Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Aroclor
  • Liver problems
  • Immune deficiencies
0 0.005
  • Increased risk of cancer
0 0.005
  • Kidney problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Delays in physical or mental
    development in children
0 0.005

RainSoft recommends that you ask your public utility for a contaminant level report. By law, they must provide it to you.

The contaminants listed above are not necessarily present in your water.

Solutions to Water Contaminants

RainSoft is committed to providing our customers with cleaner, safer water. With more than 700 detectable organic compounds in current drinking water supplies, it’s no wonder many people are turning to home water treatment as an answer to filter and reduce contaminants in the water they use everyday.

Not only do RainSoft drinking water and home water filtration systems protect families from harmful contaminants, they also help protect the environment. Less dependence on bottled-water, reduced energy costs and soap consumption, and appliances that last longer and perform better are all part of what RainSoft does best.

Quality of Life is more than a slogan; it’s our commitment to provide you with the safest and cleanest water for your home.

Water insights Know Your Water

Whether your water comes from a well or municipally treated source, it may contain impurities that cause it to taste or smell bad or create other problems in your home.

A reliable water analysis is the only way to identify the specific impurities in your water that make it less than ideal for household use.

You can buy a DIY water testing kit, but you’ll get more reliable results and helpful solutions with a complimentary in-home water test from the experts at RainSoft.

Schedule Your Free Water Analysis

Get a free in-home consultation with a RainSoft water conditioning expert.

What’s in your water? A RainSoft test is the first step toward resolving your water woes. We’ll send a water treatment expert to your home to test your tap water, explain the results, and recommend the best solutions to meet your specific needs.

Tap Water
Enjoy your water the way it ought to be, straight from the faucet!

Does your water taste bad? Does it leave a chalky residue on your counters and fixtures? No matter what problems you’re having with your tap water, RainSoft has the perfect solution.

Drinking Water
No more lugging home bottled water from the store!

A RainSoft drinking water system can supply all the healthy and delicious water your family needs, plus help the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles in the waste stream.

Ice & Water
Imagine the fresh taste of highly filtered water, conveniently delivered from your refrigerator door.

You can have a RainSoft drinking water system plumbed to your refrigerator’s ice and water dispensers to enjoy that crisp, clean taste in slushies and other frozen treats.

Your dishes can go straight from the dishwasher to the cupboard!

A RainSoft water softener can eliminate filmy stains on glassware and utensils, so they look sparkling clean after your dishwasher’s rinse cycle.

Coffee & Tea
You’ll be amazed at how delicious beverages taste when prepared with RainSoft filtered water.

After your RainSoft drinking water system is installed, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the flavor of coffee, tea, soup and other refreshments prepared with water from your kitchen.

Tub & Shower
Wash away the effects of a hard day without the hassles of hard water.

Enjoy luxurious lather, softer skin, and manageable hair after washing when you have a RainSoft water conditioner installed in your home.

Discover how better water can help keep your bathroom cleaner.

Are there stubborn stains in your sink or crusty deposits on the faucet? RainSoft softened water will help keep your bathroom fixtures sparkling clean.

Prevent hard water from damaging your toilet and bathroom plumbing.

Over time, the limescale buildup caused by hard water can lead to costly plumbing repairs. A RainSoft water conditioner can help prevent premature wear and tear on your toilet.

Enjoy cleaner laundry and potential cost savings with CleanStart® from RainSoft.

With CleanStart® eco-friendly technology, your washer will get clothes clean with no need for harsh detergents and heated water, thus potentially saving you money on soap and energy bills.

Water Heater
A RainSoft water conditioner can help your water heater last longer.

If your home receives hard water, your water heater must work harder, thus potentially cutting its life expectancy and increasing your energy bills. A RainSoft water softener is the solution.

Improve the taste of chilled water and ice with a RainSoft water purifier.

Bottled water just doesn’t measure up to receiving clean, crisp-tasting water right from your refrigerator door. RainSoft can deliver this convenience by plumbing your purifier to your water and ice dispensers.

Are you tired of seeing filmy spots on your dishes after a wash?

Don’t blame your dishwasher. Hard water leaves a residue that’s especially noticeable on glassware. Eliminate the problem with a RainSoft water conditioner.

Coffee Maker
Your favorite coffee will taste even better when prepared with water from a RainSoft purifier.

A RainSoft water purification system will remove the impurities in your water that can affect the flavor of coffee, tea, and lemonade – leaving you with a much-improved taste sensation!

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