A Home Fluoride Water Filter System is an Easy Way to Remove the Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

Home Fluoride Water Filter SystemA home fluoride water filter system can effectively remove all traces of fluoride from the water your family relies on for drinking, cooking, and other purposes throughout your whole house. As you’ve probably been told by your dentist, some studies have shown that the topical application of small amounts of sodium fluoride – the type of fluoride that is found in many toothpastes, mouth rinses, and fluoride treatments – can help prevent tooth decay, and possibly even reverse the erosion of tooth enamel. However, the effects – both positive and negative – of public water fluoridation remain subject to much debate.

One reason for the controversy is that the fluoride that is added to drinking water is not simply applied to the teeth; instead, it is ingested and processed by the body. Swallowing fluoride provides absolutely no dental benefits. Moreover, some experts believe that fluoride can accumulate in the bones and soft tissues of the body, possibly leading to health risks.

Of course, when evaluating the risks and benefits of fluoridated drinking water, it is necessary to consider the dose. As with any chemical or mineral, the consumption of high levels of fluoride is not recommended. One problem with the fluoridation of community drinking water is that each resident drinks a different amount of water. This makes it virtually impossible to control the dosage to ensure that an appropriate amount is delivered. What’s more, many processed foods and beverages are produced with fluorinated water, and thus can unobtrusively add to the levels of fluoride being consumed.

In recent years, the incidence of tooth decay has steadily declined in communities both with and without public water fluoridation, which raises questions about its necessity and effectiveness. If you would prefer to limit your family’s exposure to fluoride by eliminating it from your household drinking water, contact a local authorized RainSoft dealer, who will be pleased to schedule a complimentary, in-home water test at your convenience. After reviewing the test results with you, your dealer can help you choose an appropriate RainSoft home fluoride water filter system to remove the fluoride from your tap water.