Water Softener

Have you ever thought about how much hard water is costing your family? A water softener may seem like a luxury, but what most homeowners don’t know is that water softener systems save your family money. Hard water consists of minerals that can clog major appliances, reducing the life of your dishwasher and laundry machine to name a few. Extend the life of these major appliances by conditioning your water. Showers leave your skin feeling smoother and can improve skin conditions such as dryness.

Water softener systems can eliminate those unwanted surprises of sudden changes in temperature or drops in water pressure. Water softening systems can also save your family money on soap and detergent use by creating longer lasting suds. A water softener helps your family and your home look and feel cleaner while also saving you money. Take the first step towards making your good water better with a free in home water test from RainSoft.

Water Softener Systems

RainSoft offers the best water softener systems available and have been providing home air and water treatment to businesses and families just like yours around the globe for over fifty years. A look at RainSoft’s EC4 series water conditioning system shows how the company has evolved and stayed ahead of the competition. This water softener has RainSoft’s proprietary technology that learns your family’s water usage, saving water consumption and salt usage. As your family uses water, the EC4 water softener informs you when you need to add salt and can differentiate between a power outage and a brown-out, saving you money on expensive energy bills. Bottled-water taste and soft laundry and skin will have your family wondering how you lived without a RainSoft water softener.

And don’t forget about RainSoft’s other premium water softener, the TC series, featuring an easy-to-program electronic timer, a thicker tank for extra strength and durability and is made of corrosion resistant material. Contact RainSoft about which one these water softeners is right for your family.

The RainSoft Difference

RainSoft has become an industry leader in air treatment and water treatment systems for homes and businesses since the company’s inception over fifty years ago. Local RainSoft trained professionals have helped families like yours understand the benefits of cleaner water, because like you, RainSoft knows pure water is a necessity for keeping your family healthy. Make your good water better by calling RainSoft today for a free home water test.

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